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International Seminar "Integrated Approaches of the Protection of Cultural and Natural Resources in National and International Law: An Overview"

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Organised by the UNESCO Chair on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, Faculty of Law, Université Laval

12-13 September 2019, Monastère des Augustines, Québec

The need to consider the intimate link between natural and cultural resources within national and international legal instruments is based on the following observation: natural resources (water, forest, fauna and flora) and cultural resources (traditions, oral expressions, performing arts, rituals, festive events, traditional craftsmanship, built heritage, artistic expressions) are generally protected by distinct legal instruments at the national and international levels. Numerous social and human sciences studies have demonstrated over time the interdependence between natural and cultural resources, but due to its sectoral approach law is slow to fully recognize this relationship. The protection afforded to these resources remains therefore often fragmented in law, which can lead to inconsistencies between cultural and environmental rules. However, sustainable management of cultural and natural resources requires integrated approaches of culture and nature within legal systems. Furthermore, faced with planetary-wide challenges (the erosion of biological diversity, climate change, pollution) as well as the standardization of cultures that threaten cultural and linguistic diversity, this Seminar will launch a collective reflection on a subject inextricably linked with the sustainable development of societies. These challenges are at the heart of the 2030 Agenda setting out 17 sustainable development goals Canada and Quebec are seeking to implement. 



Keynote Speaker : Walter Echo-Hawk, Member of the Nation Pawnee (USA), author, legal scholar, attorney

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Location of the event : Monastère des Augustines, 77 Rue des Remparts, Québec (Québec) G1R 0C3

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